Ivan pulls in another Giant! Ivan Lukin, Owner and Operator of Aleut Dance Charters, was born and raised in the Kodiak Archipelago. Ivan is Alutiiq (pronounced “a-LOO-tik”), the indigenous people of the Kodiak Archipelago. He and his wife, Kathy, live year round in their home on the rustic, beautiful shores of Settlers Cove where they overlook the village of Port Lions, Kizhuyak Bay and the surrounding tree covered mountains.

Ivan was born in 1953 in the Village of Afognak on Afognak Island until the 1964 Earthquake and Tsunami brutally destroyed his home and the majority of the community. The residents voted to relocate to safer, higher ground and built a new community in an area within their traditional hunting grounds. They named Port Lions after the Lions Club who helped build their new Community. Ivan has lived in Port Lions since his move from Afognak, fishing and hunting the same areas his entire life. He learned the ins and outs of the bays, the patterns of the fish and the weather. This knowledge has been passed down for generations; refining traditional techniques with modern equipment and skill.

Ivan loves his home and fishing; most of all, he loves sharing in the excitement and fun as his guests and friends reel in a halibut or king salmon.

In 2006, Ivan purchased the Aleut Dance. This 28 foot North River boat is powered by twin 175 suzuki four stroke outboards so you can be the first people at the best fishing spots in the morning. Equipped with a fully functional bathroom, heater, and space to easily seat six adults, the Aleut Dance is not only a beauty on the water but a functional boat that is comfortable.

Trips aboard the Aleut Dance can be arranged for full day trips departing and returning from either the dock at Anton Larsen or the Port Lions Marina. We always encourage visitors to plan multi-day stays at the Aleut Dance Bed and Breakfast to take full advantage of all of the fishing in different areas that we can offer.

Aleut Dance Charter Fishing Prices
5 Day Fishing Trip (6 Nights) 4 Day Fishing Trip (5 Nights) 3 Day Fishing Trip (4 Nights)
Arrive Sunday
Arrive Monday
Arrive Sunday
Leave Saturday Morning Leave Saturday Morning Leave Thursday Morning
You will fish Monday –
You will fish Tuesday
– Friday
You will fish Mon,
Tues, & Wed
$3,250.00 Per Person $2,600.00 Per Person $1,950.00 Per Person

Ivan Lukin with daughter Shauna Lukin Hegna